Can't resolve HP Workgroups printer issues?

Then, execute the below troubleshooting steps relating HP printing problems. While you fix the HP Workgroups printer issues, also learn when does a specific HP Workgroups printer issue arise and how can you prevent the similar HP printer problem in future with a single click.

In case, your Workgroup HP printer error is quite rare or not listed below, go to HP printer Troubleshooting page and get the genuine solution.

However, some of the highly reported problems of Workgroups HP printer are listed below with solution. So, you may directly refer them, in case your problem of HP machine is taking forever to resolve.

HP Printer not connecting to Wifi

If your Workgroups HP printer cannot detect Internet, start with the following handy solutions:

  • Enter your router login settings and ensure the settings are compatible to connect HP printer.
  • If everything is OK with the provided network, check the Printer status form Control Panel and make sure it displays ONLINE.
  • Next, open printer settings and type the printer IP address, default gateway address, and subnet mask value under manual IP radio section.
  • In case, your Workgroups HP printer still not ready to connect with wifi then, check and make sure you are trying to connect with SSID of 2.4 GHz network.
    Note: As HP wireless printer doesn't work with 5.0 GHz band network.
  • Last but not least, make sure your device like computer/ mobile is on the same network to which your printer is connected.

If you need more help, see HP printer network internet solutions.

HP Printer not connecting to Wifi
Cant Reset HP printer

Can't Reset HP printer

When nothing seems to help resolve workgroup HP printer error then, reset is the best solution. But what if- you cannot reset HP printer?

In such scenarios, execute the following HP printer troubleshooting steps:

  • If it's an ink printer, reset ink levels in the workgroups HP cartridges.
  • In the next step, reset the printer server to default factory settings using POWER button.
  • Other than this, go to network settings of workgroups HP printer and restore network defaults. This will automatically reset HP printer settings.
  • In case, the HP workgroups printer supports touch display, enter its settings-> preferences-> and, touch RESET.
  • At last, you may try the hard reset steps for HP workgroups printer.

HP printer error 79

HP printer error 79 may occur for any of the following reasons:

HP printer keeps going offline; Corrupt printing job lying in queue; No communication between printer-spooler; Or, there's a network problem.

Below, you'll get one solution for each problem. In case, you want more detailed steps, refer HP printer error 79 solution.

  • Go to Devices & Printer option under Control Panel and right-click on Workgroups printer name to bring it online.
  • Next, open Control printers window and right-click on printer name to cancel a job that you want to delete.
    Note: You may also select 'Cancel All Documents' option under the printer menu.
  • Restart printer spooler from Service window and confirm-if your HP printer starts communicating with spooler or not.
  • Reset HP printer network and other settings to resolve any Internet error.
HP printer error 79
Wireless Workgroups HP printer not printing

Wireless Workgroups HP printer not printing

For HP printer no longer responding to print requests, here are your troubleshooting steps:

  • Enter the Devices and printer menu under Control Panel to confirm workgroups HP printer status. For Hp printer keep displaying offline, right-click on printer icon to turn online.
  • In case, the issue has occurred after printing certain pages then, cancel all printing jobs from Workgroup HP printer list. Then, add them again.
    Note: Sometimes, HP printer jobs get corrupt, making it essential to delete them.
  • Open command prompt and ping the IP address assigned to printer. If you get the 'Time out' result, it implies you need to re-establish the connection between device like computer and HP workgroup printer.
  • Paper jam can also stop your workgroup HP printer from printing any task. Therefore, check the HP printer screen to confirm if some paper has stuck inside the machine. And, fix paper jam in HP printer.
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  • Firewall blocking HP printer drivers Install

Workgroups HP printer Troubleshooting

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