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How do I get my Small work teams HP printer back to working condition? What shall I do to resolve the error instantly? After fixing the device for once, how can I prevent the issue from coming back again?

If you are looking for answer to this or other similar queries then, find your solution below. In case, you feel that the error sign appearing on your HP printer isn't listed ahead, contact the Printer experts for immediate digital assistance.

HP printer not printing Color

When you can't print anything colored using your Small work teams HP printer then, here's your provided solution:

  • First and foremost, power off the printer and unplug its power cord from the outlet.
  • Then, remove the cartridge from the printer with colored ink.
  • Try cleaning it and confirm that it has sufficient ink.
    Note: You may check the ink level in cartridge from printer's control panel while the ink cartridge is still in printer.
  • Next, reconnect everything back and open the Control panel on HP printer's screen.
  • Right-click on each option unless you get to choose 'printing preferences.'
  • Later, go through the menu and ensure grayscale printing option is disabled.

For more instructions, you may even try the solutions given in HP printer not printing guide.

HP printer not printing Color
HP printer paper jam

HP printer paper jam

One of the most annoying and common error is relating paper jam. So, if you see any error message relating this HP printer problem, then:

  • Obviously, you need to check at the input and output tray of the printer. And, confirm no paper is stuck inside the machine.
    Note: If you can find any stuck paper then, gently pull it out.
  • Likewise, open the printer cover and check for any debris or paper inside the rollers. If found, remove them from hands or clean cloth.
  • After re-assembling all the Small HP printer parts, if you still see the error on screen then, reboot the connected devices.
  • Next, check and make sure that HP printer carriage is moving freely.
  • If there's no paper or any other material stuck inside the Small work teams machine then, reset HP printer and try setting the device again on computer or mobile.

Can't Reset HP Printer

Every time if you failed to reset the wireless HP printer then, check out these troubleshooting steps:

  • Scan your printer device via computer or mobile and confirm there's no malware like Trojan horse, worms, and viruses present.
  • Go to printer spooler option in Services Window and disable the service for a while. Then, restart the spooler.
  • Next, go for NVRAM initialization process and let the NVRAM return to ready state.
  • Later, go to printer's Control panel and tap right to choose Preferences->Tools-> and finally, Restore Printer Settings.
    Note: Allow the process to finish and let the HP printer enter in setup mode.

Still need help? Troubleshoot HP Printer setup errors.

Can not Reset HP Printer
HP Printer not connecting to wifi

HP Printer not connecting wifi

If there is no communication between HP printer and wireless network then, try this out:

  • Check your router and make sure that it receives strong signal strength.
  • Next, ensure HP printer is in working condition, with no hardware problem. Otherwise, you need to consult manufacturer for its replacement.
  • Go to computer or mobile settings->Device Manager Section-> and scroll down to network devices option.
  • If you see any yellow color mark next to any of the given option, right-click to select update driver.
    Note: Make sure your computer or mobile is connected to Internet during the process.
  • Then, restart your device and open printer settings from a browser window using IP address assigned to printer.
  • Compare and adjust all the given settings.
    Note: Most importantly, check the IP address allotted to printer. It must match with the network address on which you are trying to connect HP printer.

If need more help, see how to connect HP printer to wifi.

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Small Work Teams HP Printer Troubleshooting

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