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If somehow, you can't locate your ScanJet HP printer error sign then, simply ask the Printer Support team directly for the solution.

HP ScanJet Driver Download failed

If HP ScanJet driver download fails; most likely the issue is with your network or with the device that you are using to download it. Now, to troubleshoot the errors here are your steps:

  • Check the Internet connection of device with the wireless router.
    If there's any issue that you notice like wireless router keeps disconnecting from the device then, fix it first.
  • Secondly, check the Network Sharing center window and disable all VPNs and proxy server enabled on device.
  • Next, open Control Panel and navigate to Windows Firewall option.
  • Tap on the link: 'Allow programs and features through windows firewall' on the left panel of window.
  • Then, click on Change Settings and select the checkbox of all programs relating HP printer (in order to allow the download process to finish).
  • Scan the file before you download as, corrupt file can be another reason for the failed download.
  • Last but not least, disable all add-ons and extensions installed on browser window OR try using different browser to download HP ScanJet print driver again.

Still struggling with the issue?-Find more detailed solution in HP printer paper jam guide.

HP ScanJet Driver Download failed
HP ScanJet not working but printer is

HP ScanJet not working but printer is

When HP Scanner doesn't scan or work, execute the following steps:

  • Reboot your HP ScanJet printer and wait for the green light to start flashing on scanner.
  • In case, the restart process doesn't seem of any help then, try replacing the cable that came with your scanner.
  • Next, connect the HP scanner directly to computer's USB port or with one USB hub only.
  • Ensure your device like computer or mobile isn't in sleep pr standby mode.
  • If it does then, restart your device along with HP printer.
  • Other than this, if you have recently upgraded the OS of your device then, reinstall the HP printer software on device. Refer HP printer setup instructions, in case you need detailed help.

Note: However, if you are using Mac OS X classic version, replace it with the Mac OS X interface. Else, the HP ScanJet printer won't work.


HP ScanJet Printer not found

While trying to connect the ScanJet HP printer with the computer or mobile, if you can't locate the printer's name on the list, then:

  • Check the lights on your HP ScanJet printer, If any of the light is orange, reset HP printer to restore the default settings.
    Note: After this step, you need to setup HP ScanJet printer again.
  • Next, go to Device Manager Window-> scroll down to HP Printer's name-> then, right-click to choose Update driver option.
    Note: During this step, make sure your computer or mobile is connected to Internet.
  • Next, install HP printer software on device (if didn't install till now).
  • Next, under Control Panel, go to Devices and Printers window and tap on the option 'Add printer'.
  • Click on 'The printer I want isn't listed' option and follow the manual procedure to add the printer on computer.
    Note: Sometimes, the printer isn't displayed on list due to security reasons. So, don't panic and complete the process with manual setup of printer.
HP ScanJet Printer not found
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HP ScanJet Printer Troubleshooting

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