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HP printer paper feed problems

If your HP LaserJet printer refuses to pick paper from input tray to feed then, here's what you can do to resolve it:

  • Hold the Start Copy BLACK & COLOR button on printer's front console altogether unless you hear some noise and get the self-test report.
  • Next, reset HP printer and again print the self-test report.
  • For error not resolving, you must check and compare the paper condition with the one defined in printer's manual.
  • Also, make sure that you do not over stack the input tray otherwise, printer rollers won't allow the paper to get in.
  • Now, load the paper properly and adjust the paper width guide accordingly.
  • Try cleaning paper click rollers manually as well as from the Printer's Control panel.
  • Lastly, adjust the paper settings in the HP printer driver window as well.
HP printer paper feed problems
HP printer blinking orange light

HP printer blinking orange light

For HP printer orange light, it's vital to first know exactly which button is blinking. As, the solution varies for each button and LED blinking orange!

However, you can try the following solutions that apply for all cases:

  • Clear any paper stuck in the input or output tray of the printer to get rid of paper jam.
    In case, you need help on how to do this or looking for more solution then, see HP printer paper jam solution.
  • Reinstall the ink cartridges properly and make sure that the pin contacts on the cartridges aren't damaged.
  • If the issue still persists, press POWER then, Cancel button altogether for 4-5 seconds to restore the printer settings.
  • Also, make sure that the carriages can move freely in the HP printer else, get them serviced.
  • Manually clear the paper feed rollers and try to print again.

HP printer not printing wirelessly

To fix HP printer not printing wirelessly, here's what can be done:

  • Confirm when the problem occurred. If the printer was working before and now isn't then:
    • Reboot all the devices connected to HP printer i.e., computer and wireless router.
    • Ensure your printer is connected to Internet. In case, there's an error, check the guide: HP printer not connecting to wifi.
    • If you have recently changed any settings on your computer or have updated the device then, restore system settings.
    • Disable any Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you are currently using it.
    • Last but not least, check the IP address of printer. If it has changed, try setting it manually for building connection with network.

    For more, you can refer How to connect HP printer to wifi guide.

  • However, if you have bought a new printer that has started troubling you, then:
    • Power cycle all the devices connected to HP printer i.e. Wireless router and computer or mobile.
    • Scan the printer software installed on your device. In case, you can't locate any such file or the one installed is corrupt then, reinstall HP printer software.
    • For a while, also disable all security software installed on your device including anti-virus and firewall (temporarily).

      Note: As, these programs may stop your printer from connecting to computer or mobile, considering it as security threat.

    • Lastly, check the HP printer settings and confirm they are compatible with the device. For quick help, check HP printer setup for the settings.
HP printer not printing wirelessly
HP Printer Offline Mac

HP Printer Offline Mac

To get your HP LaserJet Printer back on Mac when it is offline, do this:

  • Verify the cable connections of HP printer with wireless router and computer.
    If there's any loose or damaged cable, replace it immediately before it damages the printer's hardware.
  • Also, check no paper is jammed inside the HP printer. Else, remove it gently, clean the printer rollers with clean cloth, and restart your printer.
  • If the issue still persists, Click on Apple Menu-> GO to System Preferences option-> and, choose Print & Scan from the list.
  • Next, tap on your Printer's icon and if you see any yellow color light next to its name then, right-click to select RESUME.
  • Now, try to print any document by pressing CTRL+P key altogether.
  • At last, if nothing goes well around then, reset your LaserJet printer with the below steps and reinstall the device again:
    Open Apple Menu-> System Preferences-> Print & Scan-> CTRL key-> right-click on HP printer's icon and select 'Reset printing system.'

In case, you need help relating any other device or OS like Windows then, visit printer offline page.

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LaserJet HP Printer Troubleshooting

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