Is HP Large format latex printer not printing?

Try the further stated solutions to not only resolve but avoid reoccurrence of HP printer problem in near future.

If in any case, you are unable to resolve any of these issues, ask Printer Support team for online help and get the right solution immediately.

You may also refer HP printer troubleshooting section, in case you want DIY solutions.

HP printer no longer responding to print requests

Is your HP printer not responding even after you click PRINT button? Does the error prevail even after you reset HP printer? Then, try these solutions:

  • Update HP printer software online to maintain compatibility.
  • Next, scan your device and ensure there's no virus interrupting the printer from printing.
  • After trying fixes in Step 1 and Step 2, if your printer still doesn't respond then, check the hardware for once.
  • If there's no issue with HP printer parts then, delete all printing job in queue.
    Note: As sometimes a single corrupt printing job can also refuse to perform any action.

Checkout HP printer not printing guide to resolve Large format printer error.

HP printer no longer responding to print requests
HP printer won't connect to wifi

HP printer won't connect to wifi

Check your router before troubleshooting Internet connection issue. In case, there's no issue with wifi connection, here's what you must do:

  • Make sure you are not connecting HP printer with the router and not extender.
  • Check and delete the DNS cache as a single corrupt file can also stop your printer from connecting on network.
  • Assign a unique IP address to all devices else, IP conflicts won't allow HP printer to join network.
  • Assign a compatible wireless mode standard to your router for smooth connection between HP printer and Internet.
  • Do not forget to update printer's driver to maintain the software compatibility with other devices.

See HP printer not connecting wifi guide for more solutions.


Unable to Reset HP Printer

Did you try reset HP printer in all ways like pressing cancel, power and wifi button? Then, you were surely at the wrong track to fix the issue. Now, do the following and troubleshoot HP printer reset error:

  • Turn on your computer and remove all the external USB or drives connected with the system.
  • Else, all the recently connected peripherals will be damaged.
  • However, do not disconnect the mouse or keyboard connected with the device.
  • Now, go to HP printer recovery manager window from Start menu and type the printer master password, if prompted.
  • Now, under HELP section, go to Windows recovery environment and tap on OK.
  • Finally, tap on recovery manager and complete the system recovery process.
Unable to Reset HP Printer
Cannot setup HP printer

Cannot setup HP printer

Did you purchase the HP large format printer recently? After several tries did you fail to setup HP printer? Then, try the following solutions to setup printer quickly:

  • Reset HP printer even if you haven't made any changes in settings.
    Note: This will resolve all the printer issue- if originated while installing the printer.
  • Update OS on your device like computer or android as sometimes software compatibility issues don't allow printer to interact with other devices.
  • Next, open Control panel and update the network drivers to build printer connection with other smart devices.
  • Also, ensure you are using right type of cables to connect HP printer with computer or phone.
  • Click here to learn more on how to setup printer.
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