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HP Printer not connecting to wifi

When HP printer refuses to connect over your office wifi or public network open for whole building then, here's what you shall do:

  • Create a password for the public network, if it' under your authority.
    Note: This is done to limit the number of devices connected over the network.
  • Else, try connecting the office personal printer over the network that has limited access.
  • Other than this, try keeping your printer no less than 5 feet close to the wireless router. However, at the same time, make sure your HP printer is also not too far from the wireless router.
  • Next, make sure your printer is connected to same network that is accessed by your device like computer.
  • Then, open printer settings and verify them all so that they are compatible with your network and device.
    Note: Most importantly, check the IP address assigned to printer. It must be same as that of your router.

If still, your HP Business printer is bothering you, check out the solution for HP printer not connecting wifi.

HP Printer not connecting to wifi
HP printer error 79

HP printer error 79

Check out the following solutions to fix this error:

  • Scan for any malware in device connected to HP Business personal printer and remove it immediately.
  • Replace any damaged USB cable connected to printer.
  • Open Devices and Printer to get to Printer's properties and cancel all jobs lying in HP printing queue.
  • Next, open Services window from Start menu and scroll down to Print spooler option.
  • Followed by it, right-click on the spooler option, select properties and tap on Disable button.
    Note: Choose STOP option as well and finally click on Apply button.
  • Wait for a while and restart the print spooler to allow the communication service start between the device and printer.

For more solutions, refer the instructional guide: HP printer error 79.


False HP Printer paper jam

When you see paper jam LED lightning on printer but in reality there's no paper jam, then:

  • Check the media path and confirm there's no paper jam.
  • Next, open the printer's lid and confirm there are no small pieces of media or other debris stuck in HP printer.
  • Get rid of Duplexer and make sure that there are no media or debris particles.
  • Then, close the printer lid and reboot your HP Business personal printer.
  • Check the rollers and printer sensor for any issue. If detected, fix them.

Do you need detailed solution?- Check HP printer paper jam guide and get solution for even non-existing jam error.

False HP Printer paper jam
HP printer no longer responding to print requests

HP printer no longer responding to print requests

One of the most annoying errors is when HP printer doesn't respond to print requests. However, you can easily fix the issue with following steps:

  • Open Devices & Printer option from the Windows start menu and right-click on your HP printer icon to open Printer properties.
  • Next, tap on Print option from File menu and choose to Cancel all printing.
    Note: As, one corrupt printing job can put all other printing requests on halt.
  • Right-click on your HP Business personal printer to choose set as default printer and uncheck Pause printing option.
  • In the same pulled down list, uncheck Printer offline and restart your device.
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HP Business Printer Troubleshooting

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