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When does HP Printer
Go Offline?

To get answer for your query-“Why does my HP printer keep going offline”, you need to know the actions that land you in HP printer not available situation. Hence, see the list of situations ahead and revert back your action or avoid doing same in future.

Incorrect Printer Configuration

Printer Configuration
Incorrect HP Printer Configuration

When you first change the current regional settings of printer under Control Panel and later, add the device- your printer may display its status as offline. This is because, your printer is configured to use by default settings, otherwise!

HP Printer not Connected Properly 25

Printer not Connected Properly

Printer not
Connected Properly

If you connect your printer to computer using worn out cables, the device will not detect the connection. Besides this, loose pin in ports may also not allow your computer to connect with printer.

So, always check the hardware used in printer setup!

HP Printer not set as Default

Printer not set as Default

Printer not
set as

For more than one printer attached to the device OR in case of printer replacement- if you ignore to set your current printer as default- you’ll see a message HP envy printer is offline.

Thus, it’s vital to use your HP printer as default.

Poor Network

Poor Network Issue caused Offline HP Printer

The most common reason for HP printer offline is overload caused by print server. Simply put, when you connect your printer through print servers then, all print jobs are processed through single point.

This issue prevails for both- wired and wireless HP printer.

Signs of HP Printer Offline Error

Printer offline error is nearly twice as likely to affect your print task as any other print error & tends to have different causes, which you might have already known from the above section. Now, to know immediately about HP printer offline in Windows 10/8/7 or Mac- see the following list of symptoms.

Print Error Message

For any error message like the port is busy or error writing to LPT1, check the printer Status under Device and Printers window in Control panel.

For this, simply, place your mouse over your current printer and the status offline can be seen.

Hp Printer give Print Error Message
Incorrect Printout issue in HP printer

Incorrect Printout

Inaccurate graphics or incomplete images on paper as an output, or blank pages when you try to print- are some of the signs of printer offline trouble.

In this case, generally- when you try printing any task- your HP printer goes offline.


Stuck Print Job

While giving instructions to printer, if your task keeps hanging all the time that implies either your print spooler is hanged OR your printer has gone offline.

To confirm the reason, reboot your computer and try printing task- if the error prevails, it's the HP hot smart printer offline issue.

Stuck Print Job
HP Printer not responding

Printer not responding

Do you see a green colored LED lightning on your printer machine along with a message on computer that- your printer is successfully connected?

However, still, your printer doesn’t respond to any printing job? If that’s a yes- change your printer status.

Turn HP Offline Printer Online With Professionals

How do I get my HP
Printer from Offline to Online?

Whether printer offline status displays on the computer or the machine does not print, resolve this issue with one of the suggested troubleshooting steps below.
  • Printing Cause Printing Cause
  • Computing Cause Computing Cause

If printer itself is the cause for your HP printer offline issue then, execute these three major solutions in given sequence unless your problem is fixed.

  • Go to printer offline support and download ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ diagnostic tool to run on your device.

    Note: Ensure your device has a good internet connection to resolve this printer offline issue automatically.

    If your HP printer offline problem continues to prevail- go for the additional troubleshooting below:

    HP printer offline support and download
  • Set your printer as default manually.

    Important: Following related steps are explained for Windows 10. You may use them for Windows 7 and 8 as well.

    Set your printer as default manually
  • Download and install print driver on your computer that matches with your printer. Download and install print driver
  • Now, go to Printer and scanners window under Control Panel. Control Panel
  • And, uncheck the box beside ‘Windows manage my default printer.’ Next, from the opened printers list, tap on your printer name and click on Manage button. Windows manage my default printer

    Note: If you have multiple printers connected to your device then, choose the one with idle or online status.

  • Later, under ‘Manage your device’ section, tap on ‘Set as default.’Manage your device

Try to print any task now! If your printer still remains offline, troubleshoot computing issue.

Network or USB connection error may also trigger HP printer offline problem. And, to fix them- we recommend following the below steps as given:

  • To begin with the troubleshooting of Wi-Fi printer connection, restart your computer, router, and printer.
  • Once your network and printer are set for a new connection, connect your printer to Internet using WPS, HP smart software, or HP wireless setup wizard.
  • Next, print a wireless report using LCD and text-based Control Panels or simply, by Basic Control panels.
  • To troubleshoot wired printer connection, follow the steps as follows:

  • After you turn off the printer, disconnect the Ethernet cable from router.
  • Inspect the cables and later, connect them on different LAN port of router.
  • Turn on the printer and confirm the connection.
  • Now, print a network configuration page. If the issue persists, ask for HP printer service.
  • You may even troubleshoot USB printer connection. To do so:

  • Check the cables connected between printer and computer. If they are damaged, replace them immediately.
  • Don’t forget to check the different USB ports on computer.
  • Also, ensure that the cable is completely secured at both ports (i.e. of computer and printer).
  • Now, reboot your devices and complete the setup.

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Support for Printer

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HP Printer Setup Issue

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Driver / Software

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HP Printer Scan Error

Printer Scan Error

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Print Job Stuck In Queue

Print Job Stuck In Queue

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Network Issues

Network Issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to your most common HP printer offline queries

There are ample solutions to get HP printer online. Like, you may reset Printing system, cancel all printing jobs in queue, set your current printer as default, change printer status to online, and configure printer with accurate IP address and other values under Printer properties.
The steps to connect printer on wireless network requires a good and stable Internet connection. Later, you may turn on your wi-fi printer and go to Setup menu. Choose Network-> Wireless Setup Wizard-> and your SSID name from the network list. Later, type WPA Passphrase for the network and click on OK to confirm the settings. Note: You may even print a wireless report (if needed).
To factory reset your HP printer, unplug the cable from power outlet. Now, to bring the printer at its original network settings, press and hold-Cancel and Wireless button altogether on your machine for few seconds. Once your device restart, release the buttons and wait for the print device to fully boot up.
Several factors affect the printing quality. For your better comprehension, we have divided these problems into three major categories: The type of material i.e., used, printing machine itself, and last but not least- operational skills of printing staff or individual. Out of all, the first factor has the greatest role in printing quality.
Yes, you must delete all printing jobs in queue especially, after you have resolved some printer error. It is because printer won’t be able to pick up the already added instructions in print job queue.
To troubleshoot this problem, firstly confirm that your printer is connected to network. Also, recall if the problem arose after you made any change in computer or device settings! In such a case, system restore will help you get back your printer in working condition. Other than this, make sure your print drivers are updated, your computer isn’t connected to VPN, and the IP address added in your printer settings match with the one set for your device.