Unable to Fix HP Latex or Scitex Printer errors?

Whether you own a DesignJet Latex or HP Scitex printer, we have relevant solution for all. Simply, locate your printer's error below and find the right solution therein. Some of the highly-reported errors concerning latex or Scitex printers have detail solution while for others, you may concern HP troubleshooting section.

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For now, get started with the following solutions to some of the most common Latex and Scitex printer issues.

HP Printer-End of Roll reached/Media Slippage

If you see system error 78.X:01 on your printer screen, it implies the rolls are not firmly attached to printing's input core. As a result, you may see banding on prints.

Now, in order to fix the rolls, spindle, or the dual-roll differential hub, here's your troubleshooting technique:

  • Verify all the spindles are fine and the media hasn't detached from the core.
  • Inflate the spindle in a way that it correctly attaches to the core. Also, place a mark in the media, spindle, and core so, that you can confirm which one is moving.
    Note: Inflate the spindle to at least 5.5 bars (80psi).
  • Roll the media properly onto the core and check the tension media used in printer. It must match with the ones for the media.
  • Check and replace the rubber latched with varied core systems, in case- they wear out with the time.
  • Re-tight the ends latch or replace the spindle valve if there's any air-leak in the printer.
  • Lastly, make sure that the driver roller motor is secured and mounting bracket is not loose.

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HP Printer-End of Roll reached-Media Slippage
HP Printer Error Code 57:11 Ink System Leakage

HP Printer Error Code 57:11 Ink System Leakage

Resolving ink system leakage 57:11 error is quite easy. All you have to do is:

  • Disconnect the printer's power cord from the main wall outlet and remove all ink cartridges from the HP printer device.
  • Next, remove the rear and front ISM panels.
  • Take a dry clean cloth and clean all the smeared ink accumulated in ISM tray.
    Note: In case, there hasn't been any leakage then, false ink leak found can also cause the error. Reboot your device in order to get rid of the false error.
  • However, if your ink leak is identified then, repair it first.
  • After ink leak is repaired, turn off the HP printer and find the ink sensor at the outer end of ISM.
  • Disconnect the sensor and remove it from the ISM tray.
  • Replace or clean the sensor end carefully from HP spare part.
  • AT last, if nothing seems to help, try reset HP printer and setup the device again.

HP printer substrate has jammed

When the roll finishes or gets stuck to the cardboard core, cut the roll end and feed the substrate through HP printer. In case, the process doesn't seem of any help, then:

  • Turn off your printer and remove the power cord from the mail wall outlet.
  • Open the printer front window and cut the substrate from the printer's starting.
  • Next, rewind the input roll and wait for the printer's temperature to cool down.
  • Then, remove the print head carriage and lift the substrate-adjustment lever maximum.
  • Cut and remove all the substrate in printer that is jamming and then, lower its adjustment lever.
  • Afterward, re-adjust everything and turn on the HP printer.
    Note: If some substrates still trouble you then, load a more rigid substrate into printer.
  • In case, you start getting print head issue then, clean and align the print heads properly.
HP printer substrate has jammed
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Other Most Common HP Printer troubles - We resolve daily

We have tried including all possible HP DesignJet Latex and Scitex printer issue faced by users here. However, some of the rare errors- might not be included in the list.

But-we provide assistance for them, as well! So, for now- take a glance on the below list and get their instant solution.

  • HP printer paper jam
  • HP printer not printing color correctly
  • Communication failures between computer and printer
  • HP Printer not connecting to Mac
  • Front-panel error messages
  • HP printer offline
  • Take-up reel does not wind
  • HP printer power button blinking
  • HP printer offline
  • Resolving One Curing Resistor or One Heating Resistor Not Warming
  • Aging Ink Supplies Stop Working to Protect the Ink System
  • Resolving One Curing Resistor or One Heating Resistor Not Warming
  • Resolving Error Code 57:11 Ink System Leakage
  • Troubleshooting Error Codes 15.1:01 or 16.1:01, "Heating or Curing System Warm-Up Timeout"
  • HP Printer print head problem
  • The automatic cutter does not work
  • Wireless HP printer not responding
  • Print job stuck in queue
  • HP printer not recognizing ink cartridge
  • Print Jobs Stuck in Queue Troubleshooting
  • HP Printer not connecting to wifi
  • The substrate has jammed

HP Latex and Scitex Printer Troubleshooting

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