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See the feasible solutions against different Laser printer errors below to get a respite of your concern. If you can't find the problematic signs of your laser printer here or have already tried these fixes but still can't find a way out then, ask Printer Support team for help.

Laser Printer Offline

Whether you are using USB-cable connected or network printers, the following solution will help in all cases

  • Check the cable & network connections. Also, perform a power reset action on printer.
  • Uncheck 'Use printer offline' and check 'Default printer' option.
  • Ensure no network settings are changed recently.
  • Reset print driver configuration in Windows 10, 7, or Mac.
  • Try connecting your Printer to another device.

If still printer offline issue prevails then, remove and reinstall the driver/software. For further assistance, you may also seek expert's help to fix Printer offline issue in Windows 10, 7, or Mac.

Laser printer offline
Streaky Prints

Streaky Prints

From high-performance printers like HP, Brother, Lexmark, or Epson- if you are getting a low-quality print out with regular streaks, smudges or other imperfections- then:

  • First and foremost, check your paper choice. It must be compatible with the printer model and ink type or toner that you are using.
  • The second reason can be partial absorption of ink or toner that causes wet ink to spread all over the surface. In such a case, heads on the printer may require cleaning.
  • Other than this, low ink or damaged toner can also be the reason for streaks. So, replace them immediately.

In case, you can't find the fix here, visit Printer troubleshooting section for more guides and solutions.


Laser printer not connecting to Wi-Fi

Unable to connect the printer on wireless network?

Start with the following solution:

  • Make sure after accurate printer setup, you have installed printer software. See HP printer setup-install guide for correct configuration.

    Note: The HP printer setup will be helpful for Brother, Lexmark, or Epson printer users as well because the configuration steps will be similar.

  • Next, ensure all drivers and software are downloaded from a reliable source. As this will keep corrupt files away from your device.
  • Keep an eye on computer connection with the wireless network. In case, there's any trouble with the Internet or router- fix it on prior basis.
  • Also, confirm that your printer is on the same network to which your computer is connected.

    Important: While you setup printer, make sure that it is placed close to the computer and within the range of router.

For persisting error, see troubleshooting guide: Printer wifi not working

Laser printer not connecting to Wi-Fi
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Other Errors concerning Laser Printer - We Troubleshoot

If your problem is somewhat different from the ones explained above then, don't feel upset! As, we resolve all software concerning issues with printer of brands like HP, Brother, Lexmark, and Epson. Some of the Laser printer issues, fixed by our Printer experts so far include:

  • Laser printer not picking Paper
  • Blank Pages in Laser printer Output
  • Too Slow Printing
  • Skewed image or Paper jamming
  • Can't print from phone or tablet

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