Looking for easy ways to resolve Dot matrix printer Errors?

If you still own this prehistoric beast that was working fine but has started troubling from a while then, find your error sign below with the right solution.

Obviously, we don't suggest replacing the printer as there are many advantages that Dot matrix printer holds over its sister printers. So, if you want to get a genuine and permanent fix for its varied error, see the list below.

In case, you can't locate the signs of your printer trouble below, contact Printer Support online -> share your problem -> and get an immediate FIX.

Carriage Moves but no Printing

When ink ribbon is dry or missing, you will find that the carriage in printer is making a noise as if it's moving but nothing is getting printed. In such a case, ensure that your ribbon is in good state. For this, check that:

  • Print head is striking the ink ribbon as printing process begins.
  • When print head returns to its original position, it should be ahead of the ink ribbon.

In case, any of these two points don't hold true, you need to reinstall the ink ribbon again.

Carriage Moves but no Printing
Faulty Lights Flashing

Faulty Lights Flashing

Check out the list below and find out your reason for blinking LED on dot matrix printer:

Cause 1: Low ink

Simply, refill the ink to stop the flashing light on printer.

Cause 2: Paper Jam

To resolve this issue, you need to further again check for the reason. For detailed solution, see troubleshooting steps of paper jam problem.

Cause 3: Faulty Connection

Check the circuit between printer and your device like computer. If there's an inaccurate connection then for correct setup, refer Guide to Setup and Install printer.

Cause 4: Wi-Fi Error

Start with the troubleshooting of router, if there's any problem concerning network. In case, everything goes well at Network's end then, diagnose your printer to find if it's in offline mode. For turning offline printer online, navigate to Printer offline troubleshooting for the solution.


Printing Gibberish

To fix gibberish printing issue in Dot matrix printer, follow the troubleshooting steps as follows:

  • Analyze the printer's dip switch and toggle it, in order to correct the error.
  • If printer still prints everything gibberish, check the drivers installed. If they are outdated or incompatible with your printer's model then, reinstall them.
  • Check for any loose, faulty, or lengthy cable connected to dot matrix printer. If it's damaged, consider replacing it else, fasten it or cut-off the extra length.
  • Lastly, try a self-print test. If it fails then, you need to change the system board of the printer machine.
Printing Gibberish
No movement in Print heads

No movement in Print heads

For print heads not moving, start with the following troubleshooting:

  • Correct the connection between computer and your printer.
  • Confirm that the power plug is working properly and there's no loose connection or lack of power supply.
  • Check the motor of dot matrix printer. If it's blown- the issue will continue to prevail.

Paper Jam in Printer

Incorrect paper loading, damaged rollers, low-quality ink, incompatible paper, and printer offline are some of the reasons for paper jamming.

For more causes and detailed solution, refer the Guide: HP printer paper jam.

Paper Jam in Printer
Troubleshoot Dot Matrix printer with professionals

Some other Dot Matrix Printing errors- We Fix!

Some of the more common Dot Matrix printer issues that we fix include:

  • Smeared Ink
  • Faint Printout
  • Non-operational paper out detector
  • Printer doesn't power up
  • Double-space in printing
  • Fanfold paper is jamming
  • Printer unable to load single sheet through the top
  • Power is ON but printer doesn't print
  • Strange characters appearing in printout
  • Wrong Character set is printed
  • Printer cannot connect over the Internet
  • Epson printer offline
  • HP printer offline
  • Printing on the same line
  • Strange white lines in printed graphics/ text

Dot Matrix Printer Support

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