Solve Epson Printer Offline Error

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How Epson Printer
keeps going offline?

Is your computer finding it difficult to detect the printer? Are you struggling with Epson printer offline issue even after a reset? Then, it’s high time for you to know how this problem arises so; you can avoid it reoccurrence in near future.

Low Ink Cartridges

Low Ink
Low Ink error in epson printer

In certain case, users forget to check the level of ink cartridges. And, there comes the point- when the printers generate a warning message and make your machine go offline

Tip: You must get the ink refilled and press OK to dismiss the message & set your printer again online.

Outdated Drivers in epson printer 25

Outdated Drivers


During Epson printer setup, if you install print driver but ignore to update them periodically then, at one time- you’ll start seeing the message-“Your printer is not available.”

Tip: To get rid of this problem, download compatible printer drivers and install them via computer.

Connection Error in epson printer


Connection Error

Loose wire, damaged cables, non-working ports, drop-in connection & general Wi-Fi issue can cause Epson printer to stay offline unless fixed using right steps.

Tip: Troubleshoot all hardware and software issues stated above in the reason.

Corrupt Program

Corrupt Program

If any of the Windows or Mac software on your computer gets corrupt due to reasons like Trojan, Viruses, or other malware- your Epson printer may go crazy displaying offline message.

Tip: Scan your device regularly using anti-virus program and keep your system secure.

Quick Fix for Epson Printer Offline Problem

No one loves to see ‘Epson Printer offline’ message on screen. Therefore, to resolve this printing problem and ensure that the device meets productive printing needs all the time- you must implement the following fixes quickly.

Resolve Paper Jam

Whenever you see any Epson printer offline error, make sure that there are enough papers in the machine tray. Also, check that the papers are placed properly.

Besides this, look inside your printer machine and check if there’s any paper jam error. In case, it’s present- clear the problem.

Resolve Paper Jam in epson printer
Delete Pending Printing Jobs
Delete Pending Printing Jobs

For this action, open Run Window and type Control printer to open its window. Then, right-click on your printer and choose ‘Cancel All Documents’ from the pulled down list.

Note: In case, you want to delete anyone printing job, right-click on it and tap OK button.

Reinstall Printer Software

Corrupt or infected printer software may also cause your printer go offline. Thus, it’s wise to reset your printer and follow the steps to setup Epson printer again.

You may even contact Printer Offline Support team for the process.

Reinstall epson Printer Software
Reset your Wi-Fi Network
Reset your Wi-Fi Network

Sometime, when your router keeps dropping Internet, your wireless Epson printer will keep going offline. This problem will continue unless your router issue is fixed.

Therefore, troubleshoot your wireless network, reboot your device and connect your printer again.

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Troubleshoot Epson Printer Offline Error

Still bothered by Epson printer offline in Window 10/8/7 or Mac device? That implies you need more tough solutions for your rigid error to resolve easily.

The fixes below for printer offline Epson are applicable on both Windows and Mac. Try them one-by-one unless your issue is fixed.

  • Set a static IP address on your printer. You may check the printer’s manual or consult Printer offline Support team to configure IP address for your printer in a way that it doesn’t change even after reboot of device. Note: In Windows device, open Control Panel-> select ‘Manual Wi-Fi Setup’ and set your IP.
  • Next, ensure that your printer is connected on the same network as your device (on which you have configured the printer setup).
  • After confirming the printer connection, login your computer with profile having “Manage Printer” rights. Note: In case, you have a local administrator account, it will also work to change your Epson printer status online.
  • In case none of the above solutions seems of any help, then stop print spooler and delete all spooled files. To do so:
    • Open the notepad and paste following command in it. net stop spooler del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.shd del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.spl net start spooler C:\DeletePrintJobs.cmd
    • Later, save and run it as command script file.
    • Note: The window will close automatically once this file finish processing.

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Support You may need to Keep Your Printer at its Best

Printer Support allows you to avail other troubleshooting services so, you can always have a smooth working printer even when you are away or busy with some other online work. To get the most f these services, make your choice below.
Epson Printer Error Messages

Printer Error Messages

When you are seeing error messages like C0002, C0003, or C9999 that implies something is wrong with either printer or instructions that you are requesting. Thus, know the exact cause of error displaying on printer’s LCD or computer screen and fix it with right solution.
Paper or Media Issue in Epson printer

Paper or Media Issue

If printer refuses to feed paper then, there are high chances of paper sheet sticking together in the printer tray. You may try accessing the Epson cleaning sheet to fix the error. For few more solutions so that paper can start loading- check out posts, manuals or tips.
Print Quality Problem in Epson Printer

Print Quality Problem

Surely, you need to implement certain cleaning tips to improve printer output. For instance, clean the printer lens and remove toner cartridge, use some clean wiped tissues to clear the plastic inside the printer bottom. For more such instructions, see posts.
Network Error

Network Error

After applying above solution, if you’re still struggling with Internet issue then, try printing from another program or device. In case, you own the authorization, change the printer settings. Also, check that your printer is listed (where you are sending request).
Epson Printer Setup Issue

Printer Setup Issue

Learn how to setup, connect, and access your printer after purchase from the official manufacturer. In case, you are bothered by some error messages or codes, get the right steps to fix your printer issue and configure your machine smoothly.
Other Printing Error in Epson Printer

Other Printing Error

From paper jam to Epson printer unavailable, find all solutions to your printer error separately for Windows, Mac, or mobile device. Some of the other highly-reported problems we resolve include, quality issue with printer, stuck in print spooler, & many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answer for the highly-reported Epson printer queries.

First and foremost, register your printer with Epson Connect and later, try setting up on your device. During the Epson printer setup, you need a stable Wi-Fi connection so you can download printer driver and other relating software easily. For more help, you may even consult Printer Support team anytime.
Execute the following steps in a row to fix the error: 1) Ensure your printer is connected to power outlet and is powered on. 2) Your printer is connected to good and stable Internet. 3) Check your Ink cartridges and paper number in the printer’s tray. 4) Check the count and amount of print request. If it’s quite large then, wait for some time because the printer may be processing the request.
When your printer is not connected to Internet correctly or you are using the proxy server that is causing the internet connection to go unstable, at that time the print job may be reprinted. In brief, it all depends on the Wi-Fi signal strength.
In windows device, open Control Panel-> Device and printers section-> and then, point your mouse over the printer image to display the status. You may even check the printer mode under Printer properties.
Tap on Apple menu to choose System Preferences-> then, Device & Print option from the window. In the next step, right-click anywhere on the opened window and choose Reset printing system option from the pulled down menu. Finally, wait for the process to complete. Note: Your device may reboot during this course of action.
This problem has ample of associated reasons: 1) your internet server may be too busy 2) Your print service is disabled by the computer that you are accessing 3) The key to access the printer has been changed 4) Your Epson printer software needs maintenance OR, 5) Your computer is connected to Internet.
Occurrence of these print errors indicates that your printer machine is finding it difficult to understand the requested jobs. And, the cause of this problem can be wrong or infected printer driver OR irrelevant instruction sent to the machine.