Can't fix your MFC series Brother Printer?

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Brother printer not connecting to wifi

Wrong Brother Printer settings, improper router configuration, or device like computer or mobile having no network drivers are some of the reasons for MFC printer not connecting to wireless network.

Whatever be the cause for this issue, execute the steps defined ahead:

  • Download and update network drivers, printer drivers, and device OS immediately.
  • Next, run Network troubleshooter and check if the issue is with the router. In case, you find the router is troubling you, reset the machine and configure it again.
  • Then, disable all security software on device like firewall and restart print spooler from Services window.
  • Also, ensure no red or orange color light is flashing on printer's front console. Else, fix the MFC-series Brother Printer error light flashing and then, try to connect with wifi.
  • Maintain 5 feet distance between printer and router while connecting to each other.

After the process of up-gradation completes, you may re-enable the firewall software and VPN server.

MFC - Brother printer not connecting to wifi
MFC - Brother printer reset not working

Brother printer reset not working

Either you can go for hard reset or perform the factory reset process to make the printer enter in Setup mode. If your device has LCD monitor, here is what you must do:

  • Touch the Settings or Setup icon on Brother Printer screen.
  • On the next screen, scroll up or down to choose the option- Preferences from the list.
  • Then, choose reset all menu settings or Restore factory defaults option.
  • Touch Yes option on next screen to confirm the action.

Note: If your device has no LCD or screen, simply unplug the USB and power cable and reinsert the ink cartridge to reset the MCF printer.


Brother printer not available

One of the most common issues that every 3 out of 5 users face is relating to Brother Printer availability.

In other words, if you can't see your printer's SSID on network list of computer or mobile then, here is what you must do:

  • Navigate to Device Manager from Windows Start menu.
    Note: Mac users can click on Apple menu->System Preferences-> Device and printers option.
  • Search for the printer drivers on list and check if it is updated or not.
    Note: In case, there are no such drivers then, download printer driver's online to install.
  • Next, open Devices and Printers window in Control panel and right-click on MFC series Brother Printer name to choose printer properties.
  • And, uncheck Pause Printing and check the option: Cancel All documents and Set as Default.
  • Finally, restart all connected devices including Brother Printer and check-if you can find its name on the list.

In case, your issue still doesn't resolve visit, Brother Printer offline solution.

MFC Brother printer not available
MFC - Brother printer Paper Jam Error

Brother printer Paper Jam Error

Poor quality paper, dirty print-heads, and low-ink are the major reasons for MFC series Brother Printer paper jam issue.

To resolve it at all stages, do this:

  • Check for any paper stuck at the input or output end of the printer machine. If found, remove it gently.
  • Next, inspect for any low ink error message on screen. For such case, you need to buy and fill the ink in cartridges. In case, you still see low ink error message then, reset Brother Printer and try setting up the device again.
  • Other than this, open the printer's lid and check the print heads. If you see any debris or small particles, try cleaning them with clean dry cloth.
  • Do not forget to close the printer cover before restart.
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MFC - Brother Printer Troubleshooting

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