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Then, get a right solution for Brother Printer of DCP series from below. Covering most common and highly-reported error signs for the printer, we have provided solution for all DCP printer types: Color Laser, Black & White, All-in-one, and Inkjet printer, here!

In case, at any point- you feel that the error sign of your DCP Brother printer isn't listed below or you need more detailed assistance then, you may look for Printer support online and get the solution.

DCP Brother Printer paper Jam

As, the problem reflects, your printer has a paper stuck inside so, it's not working now.

But you can get rid of this error with the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Pull all the papers from the input and output side of the Brother machine (that are visible).
  • Next, open the machine cover and check for the papers stuck in printer rollers. Pull all of them gently and see if any bits are left behind.
  • Later, move the print head in the center of printer device and check the corners of both sides. Remove any paper found!
  • After all this is done, shift the print head back and close the DCP printer cover.
  • Now, fan the papers so, they don't stick around and place this stack on the input tray of the Brother machine.

Note: Ensure the paper's count lies below the maximum mark of the input tray. This way you can prevent the Brother Printer machine from pulling more than one paper at a time.

DCP Brother Printer paper Jam
Brother Printer not printing

Brother Printer not printing

There are several possible causes of DCP Brother Printer Printing Error. And, to fix this issue- you must first know the exact reason! So, to help you in this regard, we have listed some of the highest possible reasons for Brother Printer not printing:

  • DCP Brother printer paper jam
  • Brother Printer Offline
  • Brother printer not connecting to Mac/PC
  • Printer keeps saying no paper

Likewise, there are many other causes- that we have fixed already. However, above are the major ones so, you can find their solution herein:

  • For paper jam trouble, refer the solution stated above.
  • If your DCP brother keeps saying offline then, see Brother Printer offline troubleshooting steps.
  • In case, your Brother printer refuses to connect with PC or Mac device then, check for the power outlet. And, confirm its working fine.
  • Next, update the printer drivers and confirm- they aren't corrupt.
  • If the error continues to prevail then, check the printer and your device settings.

For further assistance, refer the instructions to fix Brother Printer not printing.


Brother Printer Error 48

While requesting any print job, if you see print error 48 on screen that implies the print head cable or circuit board has got damaged.

But that doesn't mean- you need to replace them! Sometimes, the issue can be resolved with the simple troubleshooting steps below:

  • Open the scanner cover of printer and check if any paper is stuck inside the machine.
  • Remove the paper and clear all the foreign objects like debris with clean cloth.
  • Once you are done with the cleaning, gently close the lid cover and Power cycle the machine again.
  • If the error continues to prevail then, go for the hardware service of DCP Brother and get away from the error 48.

For more steps, you check the Brother printing troubleshooting section.

Brother Printer Error 48
Brother Printer not responding

Brother Printer Toner reset not working

Well, this is the worst error that you can face! As, Brother Printer reset itself is the ultimate solution against all problems.

However, if you are bothered by 'reset Brother Printer not responding' error then, check out the solution below:

  • Go to Control Panel-> Device Manager-> printer drivers.
  • Right-click on Printer files and tap on update button.
  • Note: While this process runs, make sure your device is connected to Internet.

  • Next, assign a static IP address to the printer machine and see if the issue resolves.
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Some Highly-reported DCP Brother Printer errors - We Fixed!

Apart from the above major DCP Brother Printer troubleshooting, here are some more printer offline errors that we fix on a daily basis.

  • Brother printer error 30
  • Weird Printer Error codes
  • Brother printer not turning ON
  • Brother printer not showing up on network
  • Brother printer connection error 03
  • Brother printer not connecting to Wi-Fi

DCP Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Whether you own Color Laser, Black & White, All-in-one, or Inkjet printer- if it belongs to DCP series then, you will surely get the solution for your software problem here! Simply, call Printer Support team 1-855-703-2202 and share your Printer trouble for instant fix.