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For now, look at the Inkjet Brother Printer problems below:

Inkjet Brother Printer Paper jammed

To clear the paper jam from your Brother Inkjet printer, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the printer cable from power outlet and telephone cord from the Inkjet machine.
  • Pull out the paper tray of the Brother machine and check for any paper causing jammed issue.
  • If found, gently take out that sheet from the machine.
  • Next, open the scanner cover of your Inkjet Brother printer.
  • Now, check and move the print head from left to the center of printer.
  • Verify that there isn't any paper at the left-hand corner. Else, remove it gently.

Finally, close the scanner cover and plug-in all the earlier disconnected cables for the printer device to restart.

Inkjet Brother Printer Paper jammed
Brother Printer Paper feed error

Brother Printer Paper feed error

If you are using Glossy paper to print, surely you will face feed issues. However, if you are using regular paper but still the error persists; then, here are some of the more troubleshooting steps for you:

  • Ensure you are using the paper of relevant thickness and size (supported by Brother Printer).
  • Next, unfold the paper support flap and also, remove any paper that jammed the printer machine.
  • Then, fan the papers that you are planning to stack in the Inkjet printer machine.
  • Place these papers in the tray. Additionally, make sure that the stack stays below the maximum mark in printer.
  • Afterward, clear the paper jam roller at the rear side of Inkjet machine and later, set it properly.
  • Last but not least, ensure only one type of paper is loaded in the tray at a time.

Note: With this, also avoid using damaged, wrinkled, and irregular shaped paper.


Wireless Brother Printer not connecting to Internet

For Brother Inkjet printer error- "Can't connect to network", execute the steps explained further:

  • Login router settings to confirm that the Wi-Fi information you shared is correct.
  • Check the LEDs on router and modem. If you see red or amber color light flashing then, fix your router settings first.
  • In case, your Brother printer refuses to connect after you made any changes in network profile then, reset the Wi-Fi settings into your Brother printer.
  • If your Inkjet Brother printer still can't connect to wifi then, change the security settings to WPA2.
  • Lastly, remove all the Wifi profiles configured on device except the one in use.
Wireless Brother Printer not connecting to Internet
Brother Printer not responding

Brother Printer not responding

When Brother Printer refuses to print; doesn't work or respond at all - it is majorly because of one of the two reasons stated below:

  • Driver Error
  • USB cable connection problem

Well, whatever your reason for the error is - the following solutions will help you in all case:

  • Power Cycle your Inkjet Brother printer, router, and computer - if it's a wifi device.
  • In case, it's a USB printer, make sure that the connected cable isn't damaged.
  • If all the connected hardware is working properly and still, you see Brother Printer not responding message on screen then, uninstall the USB driver from Device manager.
  • Next, cancel all print jobs in queue and then, setup your Inkjet Brother machine as default printer.
  • Also, make sure that you haven't chosen printer offline option. If you see the status as offline then, learn how to troubleshoot Brother Printer offline.
  • Lastly, if your printer problem still persists then, reinstall Printer form the scratch.

Brother Printer out of memory

To clear Brother Inkjet printer memory, you need to cancel all printing jobs in queue.

As, sometimes- a single job in list can halt rest of the printing jobs. To execute this troubleshooting, follow the steps are as follow:

  • Open Control Panel -> Device and Printers -> and, right-click to choose Printer properties.
  • From the opened menu, tap on Print button in the top-left corner and select 'Cancel all documents' from the pulled-down menu.
  • Reboot your printer as well as device like computer or mobile to apply the save changes.
Brother Printer out of memory
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Major Inkjet Printer errors- We Troubleshoot

Several Inkjet Brother Printer problems are stated above with the solution. However, if the error signs of your printer aren't listed above then, check out the problem list below.

Note: Following is the catalog of issues reported by Brother Printer users (that have been resolved by the Printer experts).

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Inkjet Brother Printer Troubleshooting

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