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Color Laser Brother Printer not printing

The solutions to fix Brother Printer not printing via network, USB, and mobile are quite different.

So, based on your category- find the troubleshooting steps ahead:

Solution 1: Cannot Print via Network

To resolve this issue:

  • Check the connection between computer/mobile and printer or router and computer/mobile. If you have recently changed the access point or router settings then, connect your Brother Color laser printer on new router.
  • Check the status of your printer. If found offline, learn to turn Offline Brother Printer online.
  • Also, ensure that wireless network interface is enabled.
  • In case, none of the above steps help, you may try setup Brother Printer again.

Solution 2: Can't print issue using USB/Parallel

Follow the below-recommended steps to get rid of printing error:

  • Check the printer status and make sure it's online.
  • Repair any connection issue between the printer and computer (if any).
  • Check the printer driver settings and ensure they are compatible and correct.
  • Delete all printing jobs in queue and try adding the request for task printing again.
  • Reinstall Brother Printer drivers as, they might have got corrupt.

If the above solutions don't seem of any help OR,

You want the troubleshooting steps for mobile OR,

If you are looking for a detailed solution, simply refer the guide: Brother printing not printing for the fix.

Color Laser Brother Printer not printing
Brother printer not connecting to Wifi

Brother printer not connecting to Wifi

When you keep seeing the error "Couldn't connect over the network", you should simply follow these steps:

  • Place your router nearby printer or vice-versa.
  • Ensure that the signal strength is good. In case, it's weak- contact your ISP for speed improvement.
  • Check the Wifi password that you are typing to connect your printer on. In case, you have any doubt- check the password first.
  • If your Brother Color laser printer refuses to connect on Internet after you applied certain changes over the network then, reset network settings.
  • In case, you are still bothered by color laser printer not connecting to wifi then, power cycle all the devices connected with printer.

Note: Make sure you have selected WEP encryption- if you own a device with 64-bit or 128-bit.


Brother color laser printer keeps jamming

We understand- how annoying this error is! As you need to open the printer machine and find out as in where exactly the problem has occurred.

So, let's make it easy for you with the following troubleshooting techniques:

  • First and foremost, try removing all papers from the accessible area of input tray. In case, the ink cartridge is visible in printer, check it out as well.
  • Secondly, after the cleaning part is over, place required number of paper in tray rather than overstacking it.
  • While you place the paper in input tray, make sure none of the paper that you are using is damaged or torn. Else, it will keep getting stuck in the printer device.
  • Apart from this, low-quality cartridge, inaccurate paper loading, and paper fanning are also responsible for paper jamming. So, fix all of these reasons one-by-one immediately.
Brother color laser printer keeps jamming
Brother color laser printer error 48

Brother color laser printer error 48

If you see the message "Unable to print 48" on your device screen, troubleshoot the error using steps given below:

  • Open the scanner cover of your color laser printer.
  • Check the corners and center of the machine for any paper or any other foreign object that may be jamming the printer functionality.
  • Shift your print head from left to right.
  • Now, with scanner cover opened, turn on your Brother color Laser printer.
  • Next, open the jam clean and inside cover at the back of printer device.
  • Look for any foreign object obstructing print activity. Once done, close everything in sequence.
  • Reboot your printer machine and try printing a Print Quality check sheet.
  • If the PQCS test clears, your color laser Brother Printer is working fine.
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Color Laser Printer Troubleshooting

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