How to Troubleshoot Black and White printer?

To get the answer for this query, you may look for your problem signs below. Resolving issues like Brother Black and white printer jammed, printer not printing, missing printer device and no communication- here you'll find the fix for all types of printer errors.

However, if you still feel that your Bother printer problem isn't listed here then, you may get the solution from Printer Support services directly.

Brother Black & white printer becoming hot

If you can feel the heat on top cover of printer machine, don't Panic as it's normal!

Note: Because printer parts use heat to print any document.

However, if printer is getting too hot that it has started affecting the printing work then:

  • Avoid keeping any object on top of the printer machine.
  • Place your device in a ventilated area.
  • Clean your printer as per manual instructions to clear all the foreign objects like debris.

This will reduce the labor of your Brother printer to print pages, thus producing less heat.

Brother Black & white printer becoming hot
Black and white Brother Printer not available

Black and white Brother Printer not available

So, you are done with the printer setup -> installed printer drivers -> and configured the settings as well?

If any of these steps are left, please visit Brother Printer troubleshooting section for the answer.

But, in case everything is done and still, you can't find the Brother printer online, then:

  • Open Control panel and tap on Device and printers option.
  • Click on Print icon in menu bar and uncheck the option- Pause printing and printer offline.
  • Next, right-click on printer's icon in same window select Printer properties.
  • Here, now check the options: Cancel All documents and Default printer.
  • Lastly, check the connection of your printer with device like computer.

Once all the steps complete, reboot your Black and white Brother printer.

After trying all the above troubleshooting steps, if the issue still persists, please refer Brother Printer Offline solution.


Missing Characters when printing Pdf, doc, or webpage

Make sure the font that you are using in a document to be printed is there in the application (like word, adobe acrobat reader) as well. Else, you will keep seeing missing characters in the printed document.

To resolve this issue, we have two different types of solutions. You may opt for anyone as per your requirement.

Add the Font in application

For this process, you need an Internet connection. If you have a stable Internet, try the steps as follows:

  • Open any browser window and search for the font type in Google search engine.
  • Next, download the font extension on your device like computer.
  • Run the same file to install on device application.
  • You may restart the application later and use that font in printing document.

If you find the steps as complicated then, try the next solution in queue.

Without Adding the font-how can I print the document with same font?

To resolve this problem, you can print the text as an image. And, to do so:

  • Open the document file that you want to print.
  • Choose File option from the menu bar and tap on PRINT.
  • Then, click on Advanced and check the box-'Print as image.'
  • Lastly, tap on OK button to save the changes and print the document.
Missing Characters when printing Pdf, doc, or webpage
Black and white Brother Printer not printing expectedly

Black and white Brother Printer not printing expectedly

Whenever this error triggers, simply press and hold the Power button on printer for approximately 2 seconds unless the LED lights up again.

This method will cancel all the print jobs that you requested and will clear the memory for the fresh start.

You may then, enter the printing jobs again for complete printout.

Make your Black & White Brother Printer work again with experts help

Some other Most common Brother Printer Errors

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  • Printer not turning ON, etc.

Black & White Brother Printer Troubleshooting

If you still can't get rid of your printer error then, check out the Brother printer troubleshooting service for more help. In case, you need immediate assistance, where a technical assistant resolves the problem; by virtually being at your place- contact Printer Support team at 1-855-703-2202