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Find your All-in-one Brother printer error signs below and get the straight solutions for a quick software repair. If you still can't find the solution then, go for digital Printer assistance.

For now, explore the list of problems below with the relevant troubleshooting steps.

Brother Printer Error Code 30

The Brother Printer error message 30 arises when:

  • Cartridge is not locked properly in the printer.
  • The carriage springs on each side are out of place.
  • Print head carriage is unable to return at its home position.

Whatever, your situation is, you may get rid of this error code 30 with the following steps:

  • Locate and press the INK button on Control Panel.
  • Open the Scanner cover and move the printer carriage to left.
  • Next, check each spring on the sides of carriage and make sure they all are in place.
  • If the springs are out of place then, you should reinstall each ink cartridge.
  • After all ink cartridges are installed back securely, ensure the machine goes for head cleaning.
  • After Brother Printer goes online, press NO to confirm that the ink cartridge wasn't replaced for all the colors you removed.
Brother Printer Error Code 30
All-in-one Brother Printer not responding

All-in-one Brother Printer not responding

Weak connection, outdated or incompatible driver, or partial installation of printer driver and relating software can stop your printer from working.

Therefore, to fix this issue:

  • Check the connection between printer and power plug.
  • Then, clean all the dust from ports and reconnect the cables later.
  • Next, reinstall printer drivers and ensure that it is set as default in Settings.
  • Likewise, check the printer status. If it's offline, learn how to resolve All-in-one Brother printer offline error.
  • Lastly, confirm that there isn't any print request in queue. Else, cancel all documents in list and start from the scratch.

Brother printer not connecting to PC

If you cannot print from computer via USB or wirelessly, it implies either the Brother printer is not connected to PC or there's an issue with printer settings. Thus, to fix this trouble maker:

  • Confirm your Brother Printer status as Online.
  • Check the cables and port to confirm a good connection between Brother Machine and computer.
  • In case, the issue persists, try printing from another application.
  • Other than this, you can even reinstall Brother Printer driver as they can be corrupt.
  • Also, check that the Device manager is able to recognize your All-in-one brother printer.
  • If none of these solutions work, try printing from another application and reboot all the devices connected to printer.
Brother printer not connecting to PC
Unable to Reset Brother printer

Unable to Reset Brother printer

As, a Brother Printer user-we all know how to reset All-in-one printer machine. But, what if- the printer refuses to reset. In such a case, you must go for the following fixes beforehand:

  • Scan your printer device and remove any malware like Virus. As, they can regulate and stop your printer from performing any function properly.
  • Check the device hardware like its RESET button and confirm that all are in working condition.
  • Update printer drivers as, outdated driver software may not respond to any action that you try performing through the Brother printer.
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All-in-one Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Hope, you got the solution for your All-in-one Brother printer problem above. However, if you have tried all but failed every time then, simply reach Printer experts for the resolution.