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What Causes Brother Printer
to go Offline?

Discover the root cause behind your Printer offline in Windows 10/ 8/ 7 or Mac

Your reason for Brother Printer offline depends on what exactly you understand by the term "Go Offline". So, check out the list of causes below and find out if it's the printing machine losing network connectivity or your Windows/Mac OS reporting the error.

Connection Error

Brother printer connection error

Damaged cables, poor Internet connection, or irrelevant Printer settings develops connection error condition that further triggers issue like Brother printer offline in Windows or Mac device.

You must diagnose each cause before implementing any troubleshooting steps on your machine or computer.

Inaccurate Print Driver 25

Inaccurate Print Driver

Inaccurate Print

If you download Print driver without comparing and matching your machine's brand or model- you will surely end up installing wrong drivers. As a result, your printer will stop responding.

Thus, check the mode and type of printer drivers.

Brother Printer Windows/ Mac Error

Windows/ Mac Error


When USB is damaged or not properly attached, your printer can stop working. In case of any loose ports also, your printer will display offline message.

Hence, check all the connections and get rid of printer offline network mode.

Traffic Blocked on Port

on Port
Brother Printer Traffic Blocked on Port

When your printer is connected to computer using cabled network while your system is running a wireless network, this issue of brother printer offline persists.

You may simply resolve this issue by access point or router setup.

What to do-when Brother Printer
showing Offline?

Choose your way to printer offline fix and take printouts

Alike all printers, brother printers are no exceptions and can be fixed easily. However, before troubleshooting this error, our experts recommend some tips that you must follow for an instant fix.

Don't panic on seeing printer offline message in Windows or Mac device. Because- as soon you see the error, you can fix it easily at the same time. No, doubt- sometimes this printer offline mode can be little rigid! However, you need no to worry unless printer professionals are there for your help.

Step 1

Hold 'Power' button on your printer unless it turns off. You may even directly pull the cable and then, plug-in into power socket after 10 seconds.
While your printer reboots- wait for the process to complete without intervening.

Why is it required? - Sometimes, when printer starts, it cannot boot fully. As, a result- it may display an unexpected error like your Brother Printer offline.

Restart your printer and computer
try connecting your printer to different USB port
Step 2

The solution applies only- if you are using a wired printer. In case of wireless connection- simply, jump to Step 3.

Now if you are using a wired printer connection, make sure your device is connected with a working USB port.

If you suspect an issue, try connecting your printer to different USB port.

Step 3

Check the ink and toner of your printer. If found empty, please replace them immediately.

Also, open the printer's tray, check for any jammed papers, and remove them to again place properly.

Note: The paper jam issue is a serious concern. Therefore, you must place them in a way that they all are aligned. Else, your brother printer "sleep" offline and will not fix.

Replace empty ink toner
uncheck printer offline option
Step 4

Landing on this step means, still your computer says brother printer offline.

In such a case, from Start menu go to 'Devices and Printers' -> right-click on your Brother printer-> uncheck printer offline option-> again, right-click to select 'Set as default printer' from the list.

For persisting printer offline brother problem, download and install latest printer drivers.

Get Your Brother Printer Online With Experts Assistance

How do I turn my
Brother Printer Online?

Find your steps to brother printer offline fix and get your printer back online.
  • windows For Windows
  • mac For Mac

Brother printer is a relatively common error and to fix it on your Windows 7/8/10- check out the steps below:

  • Go to network tab-> copy IP address and other related information.
  • Navigate to Device & Printers under Control panel to select 'Add printer.' Device & Printers under Control panel

    Note: If you can't see your printer on list, tap on 'The printer I want isn't listed'.

  • Choose "Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname". Enter your IP address, subnet mask, and other concerned information in the prompted field. Add a printer using TCP/IP address
  • Now, update your printer drivers and system OS to build a successful connection.

    In case, you still are bothered by offline printer error, go for the more advanced steps below:

    update your printer drivers and system OS
  • Under Device and Printers window only, right-click to select 'See what's printing'. Open See what's printing
  • Then, from the opened dialog box, open Printer menu and uncheck 'Pause printing' and 'use printer offline' option.uncheck 'Pause printing' and 'use printer offline
  • Again, from the same drop-down list- choose 'Cancel all document' and later 'Open as administrator'. Cancel All Printing Documents
  • Last but not least, choose 'Printer properties' to disable SNMP Status and click OK. Disable SNMP Status

When all of a sudden- your brother printer status goes offline in Mac device, Don't Panic!

Simply, execute these steps and start your printing tasks again.

  • Navigate to Printer & Scanner window from System Preferences in Apple menu. Printer & Scanner window System Preferences
  • Then, re-add your printer and set it as default in the Settings. re-add your printer
  • From the same window, click on 'Open Print Queue' button.Open Print Queue' button
  • Next, choose and delete your already added printing job from the list. Delete your already added printing job
  • Now, reboot your printer and try printing your tasks.

  • In case, your printer offline error still persists, right-click anywhere under printer's window to chose RESET printing system button. RESET printing system
  • Later, again add your printer in the list and configure it.again add your printer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the highly-reported questions relating to Brother Printer offline

When your printer is disconnected from the power source/ network OR the IP address assigned to printer is changed on your device, you'll continue to see that your Brother printer is set offline. Faulty Brother printer can also block your machine from responding.
In Windows device, open Device and printers-> tap on Printer option in menu bar-> choose "Cancel all document" option. However, if you are using Mac device, under system preferences-> click on Print & Scan-> then, tap on 'Open print queue' button and cancel all printing jobs. This will clear all the queue.
Insert one end of cable in power port and another end in your Brother printer machine. Now, press Menu button on your printer's control panel and choose your device and network to connect. To make choice for device, use UP and DOWN button. Likewise, to select the Setup Wizard, make use of UP and DOWN button. Your brother printer will try searching for the network SSIDs. Provide the network key on prompt and wait for the 'device is connected' message to appear on your printer small screen.
There are several tips to make your printer visible. For instance, place your Brother printer close to router with no obstructions in-between. Next, also ensure that the printer cable is properly connected to power port. After following all these steps, press and hold the WPS button on your router for a few seconds. Finally, turn on the machine and wait for its complete rebooting.
Outdated printer drivers or system OS, incorrect printer's configuration or settings are the reasons for your printer not connecting to computer. Therefore, reset your printer and configure its settings to resolve the issue.
To reset your Brother printer, turn off your printer machine and disconnect it from the power port. Now, after an interval on 10 seconds, reconnect your printer to power supply and hold the power button unless Attention lights turn ON. Afterward, release the power button and re-configure your Brother printer.
To find out the reason, check your printer cartridges. If there's no ink OR vacuum is created in the cartridges- you'll get blank pages in output. So, find your reason and troubleshoot the error.