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Why is my Printer offline?
Know Your Reason

Discover the root cause behind your Printer offline in Windows 10/ 8/ 7 or Mac.

One of the most likely reasons that stop you from printing any task is Printer offline problem. And, surprisingly- this reason also has several related causes- that you must know in order to follow the right path and solutions for its fix.

Poor Internet

Poor Internet making printer offline

Poor network signal or weak strength connectivity of router/ modem can make the printer go offline. As, a result- your printer gets disconnected from computer.

You need to troubleshoot your Internet problem and restart the computer to ensure good connectivity.

Outdated printer Drivers result in printer offline 25

Outdated Drivers


If you keep using printer for a long time without performing software upgrade, it will stop responding after a certain time. In fact, software service is equally important as printer’s hardware service.

Therefore, download printer drivers from a reliable source.

USB Issues amking printer offline

USB Issues


When USB is damaged or not properly attached, your printer can stop working. In case of any loose ports also, your printer will display offline message.

Hence, check all the connections and get rid of printer offline network mode.

Stuck Printing Jobs

Stuck Printing Jobs

During corrupt printer drivers or sudden power outage, the print job will get stuck & go offline. The issue may also arise if Windows/ Mac OS refuse to process tasks.

Stop print spooler and delete all files from printer’s directory.

Malware Issues in printer

Malware Issues


Virus, Trojan, Worms, or other malicious software can not only corrupt printing functions but at the same time may even damage your printer’s hardware.

So, always scan your device using anti-virus software & remove infected files to fix printer offline error.

Faulty Printer

Faulty Printer


Hardware issue with printer can trigger the error message-‘Printer offline’ in Windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac at any time. The error can be confirmed by running troubleshooter on OS.

Later, you contact the manufacturer for replacing your printer device.

What to do if Printer
says offline?

Choose your way to printer offline fix and take printouts

Choose your way to printer offline fix and take printouts

Don’t panic on seeing printer offline message in Windows or Mac device. Because- as soon you see the error, you can fix it easily at the same time. No, doubt- sometimes this printer offline mode can be little rigid! However, you need no to worry unless printer professionals are there for your help.

  • Printer was working earlier but now isn’t
  • Printer has never worked
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How to Troubleshoot
Printer Offline to Online?

Your guide to some of the toughest printer offline error and get it online

If you’re tired seeing error messages like printer offline network, scanner works but not printer, printer offline brother, hp printer not responding then, learn how to fix printer offline in Windows 10/ 8/ 7 or Mac OS with solutions herein. For more help, you can look for other fixes ahead.

  • windows For Windows
  • mac For Mac

Printer offline for Windows

To deal with offline printer issue in Windows OS, follow the instructions given below (unless you get a respite of your concerns):

  • Open Control Panel from start button and navigate to Device & Printers window. Open Control Panel
  • Right-click on your printer image and choose ‘See what’s printing’ option. See what’s printing
  • From the newly opened window, tap on ‘Printer’ in menu bar and uncheck ‘Use printer offline’ & ‘Pause printing’ option from the drop-down box. Use printer offline
  • If the issue persists, right-click on same printer image and tap on ‘Troubleshoot’. If you have an internet connection, the device will automatically detect and fix your printer offline error. Troubleshoot printer offline
  • Open ‘Network and Sharing Center’ window from system tray. If you see a message like ‘not connected to Internet’ then, click on ‘Ethernet’ option in left-pane. Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on ‘Network and Sharing center’ option. Later, select ‘Change advanced sharing settings’ from the left-pane. change advanced sharing settings
  • Inside the newly opened window, enable ‘Turn on Network discovery’ and ‘Turn on file and printer sharing’ options. Turn on Network discovery
  • If printer offline error is too rigid then, open Run window and type ‘services.msc’ & hit ENTER. services.msc
  • Scroll down to Print Spooler option in the opened window and restart it. Restart Print Spooler option

Open Device Manager from Start Window-> go to Printers-> right-click on Printer image-> choose Properties. Check the printer status. It should be ‘This device is working properly’.

However, if you still can’t get out of ‘Printer offline Windows’ scenario, click one of the buttons below for further assistance.

Printer offline Mac

The solution below will apply to all Mac OS, where the printer status is offline.

  • If the printer is off or unavailable for communication, check and press the Power button to turn it on. press the Power button to turn it on
  • Ensure the papers are loaded properly into input tray and there are no flashing lights on the printer Control panel. mac control panel
  • Restart your printer and try to print any document. In case, the printer remains offline- continue to next step. Restart your printer
  • Open Apple Menu-> click on System Preferences-> and tap on Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners option. lick on mac System Preferences
  • Right-click inside the printer’s window (anywhere) and click on RESET Printing system. RESET Printing system mac
  • Tap on reset button to confirm your action.
  • Type the Administrator username and password. Click on OK to allow for reset action. Administrator username and password
  • Once printing system reset, again add printer in list and try to print. add printer in list
  • If your printer remains offline, diagnose and troubleshoot the problem from following links: diagnose and troubleshoot the problem
    • Troubleshoot Wired Printer Connection
    • Analyze and resolve USB Printer connection
    • Tips to fix Wi-Fi Printer Connection

    For immediate help to get back printer online, make your choice below:

Fix Other Issues with Printer

Learn how to resolve varied issues relating printers with Systematic procedure
Paper Jam in Printer

Paper Jam in Printer

Analyze your printer for any debris, torn paper, incorrect paper seating into tray, or other foreign objects that cause paper jam issue.
Slow Printing issue

Slow Printing

Use spooler to print tasks instead of printing from a program. Fix overloaded print server as well to remove slow network printing.
Low Ink Printer Error

Low Ink Printer Error

Press and hold printer’s Resume, Color Start, or Stop/Reset button for 5 seconds to restart printer, fix blinking issue & resume printing.
Shadow Printing Issue

Shadow Printing Issue

If your print image is superseded over another then, fix imaging drum unit, & ensure toner powder is heated properly. Also, check humidity level.
Print Quality Problems

Print Quality Problems

Follow the troubleshooting steps to fix blurry or smeared, missing color, vertical misalignment, horizontal banding or other printout quality issues.
Printer Unavailable Error

Printer Unavailable Error

Power cycle computer, printer, and network. If the error persists, check if the printer software is installed or not. Also, check router settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the highly-reported Printer errors with answers

Printer offline status message means that your Windows or Mac device can’t communicate with the printer. The problem mainly relates to network error, faulty printer, or some software issue. For troubleshooting, all these related causes have different solutions that must be implemented one by one.
For printer’s driver installation, open system Settings-> Printers-> General or Details tab-> and search for driver button. Later, reinstall the updated version of printer. Next, navigate to Settings option under printers and choose to remove the printer. Then, again install it via ‘Add Printer Wizard’. Your printer unavailable error will resolve after a minute- you follow these steps.
You need cables to connect your printer with the computer. Once the devices are attached, install printer drivers through Internet, update the device, and wait for a while so your drivers get installed. For more detailed steps to setup printer in Windows 10/8/7 or Mac device, follow troubleshooting section.
The print machine generally overheats when there is a Fuse error. And, the fuse error also originates when you are using some low-quality or incompatible type of paper. Usage of thick paper over a long period can also trigger the issue. Besides this, if the printer is not heating the fuser to match the paper thickness or quality-level, you will continue to face the error.
Take any 2-inch thick and flat object to place below the printer. This way, the printer level will increase higher than the ink tank level. Next, shut off any air hole rubber cap in printer and do the head cleaning. Once the cleaning is done, open the air hole rubber and check the printout.
Go to Control Panel from Start Windows button-> click on Device and Printers option-> install the printer drivers-> and later, select Properties. Alongside, navigate to Maintenance-> Press Head Cleaning button -> Start. Your printer will start responding. Lastly, press the printer’s nozzles> and Print button to print the tasks. If the step completes, that implies your printer’s head print is now accurate.